Acura Winter Weather Prep at Clinton Acura

Prepare Your Acura for the Winter Driving Season with Our Help

With the flurry of preparation that the winter season requires, from holiday planning to remembering to pick up extra bags of salt to de-ice the sidewalk, it can be hard to fit winterizing your car into your schedule. With a few modifications and some help from Clinton Acura, if you need it, you'll have your Acura prepared for whatever comes it's way all winter long.

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The most important thing you can do for winter preparation is to ensure your vehicle has a firm grip on the roads around Clinton and Princeton. Winter tires offer an aggressive tread that is capable of providing increased traction whether you're driving through wet slush or on slippery, packed snow. Most drivers expecting to encounter light winter conditions or plowed roads can reasonably navigate winter driving with a good pair of all-season tires. For heavy winter conditions or unplowed roads, a dedicated winter tire offers superior grip for confident winter driving. Winter tires also feature a unique chemical composition not shared by other tire types. They're able to stay malleable at lower temperatures that would cause a summer tire to stiffen. This means winter tires are capable of adapting to the conditions of frozen roads while providing far more grip than a stiffer tire.

If you're planning to have winter tires placed on your car, it's a good time to have your technician check the ability of your battery to hold a charge. Unless your battery is new, it may struggle under the added burden placed on it by cold, early morning starts. Cold weather can reduce the chemical reaction necessary for holding a charge, which is why so many motorists find themselves stranded by surprise by a car that was performing just fine the day before. A quick test of your battery's ability will give you peace of mind that it will make it through the winter.

It's also a good idea to have your windshield wipers and fluid levels checked. Salty, sandy spray from the road can obscure your ability to see the road ahead in minutes, so a full windshield washer fluid reservoir and a set of capable wipers are imperative for winter driving. Refreshing or topping up the antifreeze will ensure things run smoothly. An inspection of your hoses and gaskets will help to head off any unexpected surprises that might leave you stranded.

Don't forget to include a winter survival kit along with your other preparations. Even if it might seem unnecessary, having extra items in your car to help you in the event you break down or get stuck in the snow will make an unpleasant surprise much more bearable. Include extra gloves and a hat, a warm blanket, spare tools, a flashlight and batteries, a set of jumper cables, and a spare cell phone charger. If you don't already have emergency flares, a flat tire fixer, or a first aid kit, you'll want to include those as well. Snacks, playing cards, and a folding shovel for digging out of snowy drifts will also come in handy.

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At Clinton Acura, we've had years of experience winterizing cars and preparing them for whatever Mother Nature sends their way. If you need a comprehensive inspection of your engine, a new set of winter tires, your fluids topped up, or even some winter driving tips, our certified Acura technicians are ready to get to work on your vehicle. Book an appointment conveniently right on our website for any services you need, and don't forget to check to see if we're running any specials on winter maintenance.