Acura Winter Weather Prep at Clinton Acura

We can help make your Acura weather-proof for winter

Your Acura isn't exactly going to hybernate this winter, so it's important to weatherize your RDX or MDX or whatever you're driving at Clinton Acura in Clinton, NJ. The factory-trained experts in our service center know how to inspect your Acura in all the key places: Tires, battery, brakes, lights, antifreeze, windshield wiper blades and more. We'll do adjustments when they're needed and recommend replacements when they're essential.

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We can check-out or change-out your tires

We'll be glad to inspect your tires in the context of more challenging winter roads. We'll make sure there's more than enough tread depth for safer handling and we'll check for uneven wear, which might require tire rotation or a wheel alignment. If your tires are something less than safe, we have plenty of outstanding tire choices from major brands, with an excellent range of options at different prices and different warranties.

You might want to consider special winter tires, rather than trying to get through the dregs of winter with all-season tires. What's the advantage? All-season tires can stiffen up in very cold weather, and that can cause them to create handling issues. Our special winter tires are more pliable and forgiving in snowy or icy conditions, adapting better to slick surfaces and giving you the grip you need. Ask our service manager to tell you more.

We can also check your brakes, battery and more

Your brakes become even more important in the winter, so we can take a good look at your brake pads and the overall condition of your braking system. The same goes for your battery. We'll clean off any corrosion build-up on battery cables and contact points, and make sure the battery is properly charged. We will recommend new components as needed. Check out our complete pricing menu for common services.

The importance of genuine Acura fluids in winter

It's always crucial to get the quality of genuine Acura fluids, like Genuine Acura Motor Oil, Brake Fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid and more. Winter is when your car is exposed to an extra-heavy dose of potential friction, rust and corrosion from extreme weather and treated roads around Bridgewater Township and Boardman, NJ. That's why genuine Acura fluids can make such a big difference.

Motor oil: Perhaps the most important fluid of all

Because motor oil protects some of the most highly-engineered components on your Acura, it's vital to do an oil change at regular intervals with Genuine Acura Motor Oil. If you get your oil change as part of our Acura Accelerated Service, you can get other valuable services like inspections and fluid checks, all in one package, all in just 60 minutes.

Save on service with Clinton Acura Rewards

When you sign up for our Clinton Acura Rewards program, you can get 25% of your service expenses back in the form of Acura Reward Points. You can also earn discounts on the down payment for your next Pre-Owned car truck or SUV, along with many other discounts and benefits for Acura owners in Hackettstown and Phillipsburg, NJ. Ask for details.

See us soon and let's get your Acura ready for winter

We encourage you to schedule service at your earliest convenience to make sure your Acura can handle whatever winter brings its way. At Clinton Acura in Clinton in Clinton, NJ, not far from Easton, PA,we look forward to keeping your Acura performing at its high level, regardless of the weather.