March 13, 2013


To all our valued customers:


In the light of recent events regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we just wanted to take a minute to let you know of the safety precautions we, here at the dealership, are taking to protect you and our employees.

·       Please remember, first and foremost we are happy to see you! We are just exercising safe social distance at this time! So, while we would normally greet you with a warm handshake, for now we will refrain.

·       We will not allow anyone to come to work with any illness. Should they arrive sick, management is sending them home. No employee will be allowed to return to work without a clean bill of health from a Physician’s office.

Here are some other things we are doing in regards to minimizing the spread of COVID-19 through the many surfaces in our dealership:

·       We have thoroughly trained all staff members about COVID-19 and the risks associated. We have also trained them on proper hand washing, sanitation and hygiene habits. 

·       We have our Cleaning Company on duty extra days a week to deep clean all surfaces in our dealerships.

·       In the interim, our staff is equipped with disposable sanitizing wipes, and is disinfecting all door handles, light switches, desks and writing utensils on an hourly basis.

·       As a staff, we are making an effort to wipe down all cars that have been test driven regardless of being purchased or not, to stop the spread of germs.

·       Antibacterial soap and sanitizer are stationed around the dealership and restrooms to promote clean hands!

·       Our snack area is wiped down hourly and restocked with by an employee wearing gloves.

·       Desks, chairs and countertops are sprayed down with Lysol after customer interactions.

For any customers that have a need for an immediate assistance with a car, much of a car buying process can be done digitally. Below are the links and the contact numbers for the store managers should you need to contact someone.


Michael Lawrence- General Manager- (908)735-5555 ext 111

Laura Colangelo- Sales Manager- (908)735-5555 ext 109

Jimmy Apgar – Assistant Service Manager (908)735-5555 ext 115


In closing, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. The dealership will be remaining open to service any of your car needs (sales and service). We look forward to welcoming you back to the dealership again soon.


Thank you for your time,

Mike, Laura, Jimmy and the rest of the Clinton Acura Staff

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