We invite you to check out the new Acura RDX SUV here at Clinton Acura and to see how this luxurious crossover takes on its top completion from BMW, the X3. While both sedans come from premium brands, our research found that the performance and standard features of the Acura RDX far exceed that of this challenging SUV from BMW. However, our research also showed us another important area where the Acura RDX reigns supreme: value. Let us tell you a bit about how the Acura RDX represents the smart choice for your commuting needs and your wallet, at Clinton Acura. Drivers will find our dealership located less than an hour outside of Princeton at 1756 NJ-31 in Clinton, NJ.

Affordable to Own and Resell

If you have your heart set on one particular luxury SUV model, our financing team at Clinton Acura might recommend financing through an auto loan. If you decide you want to finance a new Acura RDX through an auto loan, you will notice it begins at a lower starting price than its top competition from BMW at a manufacturer-suggested retail price more than $4,000 less than that of the X3. Overall, its total cost to own also remains lower beneath the BMW X3, with destination charges bringing its total cost to own to $38,595 this year. The BMW X3's total cost to own, by contrast, ends up at $45,695 and only increases as you move up from trim levels as you upgrade to enjoy more technology.

Retaining Value When Leasing

Many drivers in New Jersey prefer leasing overt financing as it permits them to drive the vehicle they want, at a flexible monthly rate, with much of the latest technology they crave. If you plan on leasing a new Acura RDX, you might enjoy our comfortable leasing deals here at Clinton Acura. Each Acura remains covered under its factory-backed warranties throughout the lease coverage, and these exceptional luxury cars can retain much of their value, even over a short period. Often, some vehicles earn criticism for the "depreciation" they suffer in the first three years of ownership, wherein their total value diminishes.

The Acura RDX remains one of many exceptions as it retains up to 49 percent of its value after a 36-month lease, according to data collected by the Automotive Leasing Guide (ALG). By contrast, the residual value of the BMW X3 lowers to 41 percent after 36 months and diminishes down to 26 percent after 60 months.

Enjoy Ample Warranty Coverage

No matter if you plan on financing or leasing, you will find the Acura RDX comes backed by some outstanding warranties to help you protect your investment for as long as possible. The SUV remains backed under these warranties in all lease contracts, so potential lessees in Princeton or Clinton can rest easy. However, if you plan on financing a new Acura RDX, you will find yourself happy knowing that these warranties last for much longer than those provided by Acura RDX. Let us break it down by the numbers.

  • Basic Warranty (Acura): 48 months/50,000 miles (whichever comes first)
  • Basic Warranty (BMW): 48 months/50,000 miles
  • Powertrain Warranty (Acura): 72 months/70,000 miles
  • Powertrain Warranty (BMW): 48 months/50,000 miles)
  • ALG Residual Value (Acura): 49% (36 months), 28% (60 months)
  • ALG Residual Value (BMW): 41 & (36 months), 26% (60 months)

Test Drive the Acura RDX Today

Our team at Clinton Acura proudly welcomes the new Acura RDX to our dealership and we want you to check out this luxurious crossover for yourself in our new inventory. Schedule a test drive and check out our latest Acura incentives and specials at Clinton Acura. We look forward to meeting you!