When you're in the market for a new Acura, you need to decide how you want to pay for it. Do you want to buy your new Acura, or would you rather lease it? Neither choice is strictly better than the other. Each option has its own pros and cons, and they depend on what you're looking for in a vehicle.

Buying an Acura

Buying an Acura has you pay for its full value. It's possible to pay for it all up front, but most people take out an auto loan and slowly pay that off instead. Once the vehicle is fully paid off, it's all yours. You can modify it as you see fit, and you can use it as a trade-in later down the line.

Leasing an Acura

Leasing an Acura means that you get to drive a new Acura for a few years (determined when you make the lease). You don't pay for the vehicle's full value either; you pay for its projected value depreciation over the course of the lease. Once the lease is up, you return your vehicle to the dealership. You can lease a new Acura, buy the one you've been leasing, or just walk away! Leasing is almost always covered by the entire warranty period, so you get extra peace of mind. However, you can't modify a leased vehicle, and they also have yearly mile limits.

If you have any questions about leasing vs buying, we have plenty of answers here at Clinton Acura. Stop on by today here in Clinton, NJ, to see just what we can do for you.

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